Q: Are you in charge of plumbing?

A: No, we do not employ any licensed plumbers. All connecting or disconnecting of pipes will have to be done by a third party.

Q: Do you sell any accessories for the sinks you sell?

A: Other than grates for the sinks, we don’t sell any sink accessories. Drains and faucets must be obtained either by a plumber or independently at a hardware store.

Q: Do you mount the sink/drill the holes for the faucet?

A: We mount the sink and do the cutouts at the shop for both custom-order sinks and the basic sinks that we sell. Faucet holes can be drilled at the installation site if the customer has the faucet on hand.

Q: Are you open on Saturday?

A: Yes, from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.